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Photonics Media, publisher of Photonics Spectra, Vision Spectra, and BioPhotonics magazines, presents a series of virtual events to keep you informed about the most important advances in lasers, optics, imaging, spectroscopy, vision, and biophotonics.
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Upcoming Events
Photonics Spectra Hyperspectral Imaging Summit 2023: December 06, 2023
<i>Photonics Spectra</i> Hyperspectral Imaging Summit 2023
A one-day summit exploring the use of hyperspectral technology for applications in environmental monitoring, medical imaging, and post-process identification.
Photonics Spectra Integrated Photonics Summit 2024: January 17, 2024
<i>Photonics Spectra</i> Integrated Photonics Summit 2024
A one-day summit that explores automation, embedded waveguides, and breakthrough applications for PICs.
Photonics Spectra Optical Coatings Summit 2024: February 14, 2024
<i>Photonics Spectra</i> Optical Coatings Summit 2024
Discover where and how optical coatings enhance the transmission, reflection, and polarization of optical components. Learn the latest on different deposition techniques, materials, and innovations in antireflective, metallic, and highly reflective coatings.
Photonics Spectra Positioning Equipment Summit 2024: March 06, 2024
<i>Photonics Spectra</i> Positioning Equipment Summit 2024
A one-day summit exploring the latest innovations in positioning equipment.
Photonics Spectra Laser Materials Processing Summit 2024: March 27, 2024
<i>Photonics Spectra</i> Laser Materials Processing Summit 2024
This one-day summit will cover laser welding, surface modification, e-mobility, micromachining and more.
Photonics Spectra Raman Spectroscopy Summit 2024: April 17, 2024
<i>Photonics Spectra</i> Raman Spectroscopy Summit 2024
Explore various spectroscopic techniques including Raman, surface-enhanced Raman, NIR, and fluorescence in various consumer and commercial applications.
Photonics Spectra Optical Design Summit 2024: May 22, 2024
<i>Photonics Spectra</i> Optical Design Summit 2024
A one-day summit exploring innovations in optical design.
Photonics Spectra Laser Test & Measurement Summit 2024: June 12, 2024
<i>Photonics Spectra</i> Laser Test &amp; Measurement Summit 2024
A one-day summit exploring innovations in laser test and measurement.
Vision Spectra Conference 2024: July 16, 2024 - July 18, 2024
<i>Vision Spectra</i> Conference 2024
A series of must-see webcasts on topics ranging from machine vision optics to deep learning for inspection.
Photonics Spectra Optical Filters Summit 2024: August 14, 2024
<i>Photonics Spectra</i> Optical Filters Summit 2024
A one-day summit exploring innovations in optical filters.
Photonics Spectra Scientific Lasers Summit 2024: September 18, 2024
<i>Photonics Spectra</i> Scientific Lasers Summit 2024
A one-day summit exploring innovations in scientific lasers.
BioPhotonics Conference 2024: October 15, 2024 - October 17, 2024
<i>BioPhotonics</i> Conference 2024
Discover new and evolving trends in biophotonics at the fourth-annual BioPhotonics Conference — a virtual event highlighting innovation in the life sciences and biomedical optics.
Photonics Spectra Polymer Optics Summit 2024: December 04, 2024
<i>Photonics Spectra</i> Polymer Optics Summit 2024
A one-day summit exploring innovations in polymer optics.
Archived Events

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