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Fundamentals of NIR and MIR Sensor Technology

Presented by:
  • Gary Spingarn, Hamamatsu Corporation
  • Albert Tu, Hamamatsu Corporation

Present systems in automotive, process control, and environmental monitoring rely on IR light for successful and optimal operation. A common denominator for nearly all uses of IR and instrumentation, from spectroscopy to imaging, is sensor technology. Navigating the market and choosing a suitable product can be overwhelming with numerous detector chemistries and vendors.

Operation in the NIR and the MIR regions has gained popularity and it is critical to understand the context for this trend. Technical concepts and future developments within the NIR and MIR regions will be the focus of this webinar. This presentation includes a discussion on detector structure, operation, and opto-electronic characteristics. It also covers application examples and provides a roadmap to developing technology.

Tu and Spingarn share several use cases and show how to compare different IR photodetectors by leveraging tradeoffs.

About Gary Spingarn
Gary SpingarnGary Spingarn is a product manager with Hamamatsu Corporation, where he focuses on detectors and light sources for the MIR region. As a chemical engineer, Spingarn made his start in industrial gases where he gained hands on experience in all sorts of processes such as steel mills, plastics manufacturing, and alternative energy. Photonic devices were key in many of his past projects, and he began with the spectrometer group before moving into mid-infrared components. Leveraging experience, Spingarn continues to support the development of gas analyzers, analytical instruments, medical devices, pyrometers, and new applications.

About Albert Tu
Albert TuAlbert Tu is a marketing engineer for Hamamatsu Corporation in Bridgewater, NJ, specializing in NIR applications and image sensors. After graduating from college, he held positions in product design, technical support, and product management in the optical industry. He returned to business school to get his master’s degree from the University of Texas at Austin. With over 10 years of hands-on experience in product development and new technology implementation, he now provides insights to help customers find the right solution for their technology.

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