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Wire Welding Made Possible by High Brightness Blue Wavelength Lasers

Presentation will begin: Wednesday, March 27, 2024 - 12:20 PM
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Wire Welding Made Possible by High Brightness Blue Wavelength Lasers

Presented by: Kurt Smith, NUBURU

Welding wire presents challenges when using conventional infrared lasers. Repeatable fit up is a challenge, resulting in gaps between the individual parts and inconsistent results. In addition, poor absorption of IR into copper and aluminum makes these wires difficult to weld.

Blue wavelength changes the equation. Absorption in all metals is improved, enabling even copper and aluminum to be easily melted. Conduction mode welding is therefore possible allowing a flow of material that is far more tolerant to gaps. In addition, the absorption of different metals is equalized making joining of some dissimilar materials possible with a conduction mode weld.

The latest generation of blue lasers offer a dramatic improvement in beam quality enabling smaller spot sizes for smaller wire sizes and scanner beam delivery. These attributes allow simple integration for automated production welding of wires. This presentation provides details of typical applications – welding wire to wire but also to terminals, sheet metal and pads.

About the presenter
Kurt SmithKurt Smith, Application Lab Manager at Nuburu, Inc., leads a team of enthusiastic engineers, pushing the boundaries and exploring solutions to historical laser material processing challenges by employing Nuburu’s blue laser technology.

He joined Nuburu with 17 years of laser material processing experience, working in Application Labs with various laser technologies and wavelengths throughout his career. Smith finds personal interest and motivation in exploring new laser technologies that can be reliably transferred to a production environment and are not limited to controlled experiments within a lab environment.

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