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From Concept to Reality: How to Design Optical Filters

Event will begin: Wednesday, August 14, 2024 - 10:00 AM
From Concept to Reality: How to Design Optical Filters

Presented by: Ron Willey, Willey Optical Consultants

Every interface between media with different indices of refraction reflects some light in proportion to the difference in index. Two interfaces separated by one quarter wave optical thickness (QWOT) at some wavelength will have a maximum effect on reflectance, whereas, as that separation changes toward zero or toward one-half wavelength in thickness (HWOT), the effects reduce to zero. Therefore, a stack of QWOTs can be used to make a mirror, but as wavelengths depart from that design wavelength, the reflectance decreases. These effects can be used to make coatings for antireflection, blocking some wavelengths while passing longer or shorter wavelengths such as edge or dichroic filters for Rahman Spectroscopy, making wide or narrow passband filters, blocking narrow passbands, and selectively passing and blocking s- and p-polarizations. The procedures for carrying these concepts through to designing each of these types of filters will be illustrated with some recommendations for practical implementation.

About the presenter
Ron WilleyRon Willey graduated from Massachusetts Institute of Technology in optical instrumentation, has a Master of Science degree from Florida Institute of Technology, and 67 years of experience in optical system and coating development and production.

He is very experienced in practical thin films design, process development, and the application of industrial Design of Experiments methodology. He is the inventor of a robust plas-ma/ion source for optical coating applications. He worked in optical instrument development and production at Perkin-Elmer, Block Associates, United Aircraft, Martin Marietta, Opto Mechanik, Hughes, and formed Willey Corporation which serves a wide variety of clients with consulting, development, prototypes, and production.

He has published many papers on optical coating design and production. His recent books are “Practical Design of Optical Thin Films”, 6th Ed. (2022) and “Practical Production of Optical Thin Films,” 5th Ed. (2019). His three-day Zoom courses in Design and in Production are offered every six weeks. He is a fellow of the Optical Society of America and SPIE and a past Director of the Society of Vacuum Coaters and organizer of the Optical Coating Technical Advisory Committee of SVC in 1984.

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