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Delivering Flat Optics Solutions From Design to Mass Production

Presentation will begin: Tuesday, January 10, 2023 - 10:55 AM EST
Presented by: Theodor Nielsen, NIL Technology

Metaoptics is a flat optics technology that uses an array of subwavelength nanostructures to bend and steer light. A typical metalens can use an array of sub-100-nm-diameter pillars to implement the functionality of multiple refractive lenses. When used in near-infrared applications, these metapillars are made of amorphous silicon on a glass substrate, making these lenses thin, strong, rigid, and thermally stable.

Depth sensing applications in smartphones, consumer electronics, autonomous vehicles, and augmented reality require highly compact, lightweight, and high-performance illumination and camera systems. Nielsen discusses the optical technologies required for time-of-flight systems, ultracompact eye tracking, automotive driver monitoring systems, AR optical waveguides, and shortwave IR for medical and multispectral applications.

Meta-optical elements (MOEs) can be produced using e-beam lithography to develop masters, followed by nanoimprint technology to fabricate high-quality, low-cost elements in mass production. Nielsen covers every step in the production process, from design to master, to replication and characterization — all within a six-week cycle.

About the presenter
Theodor NielsenTheodor Nielsen is CEO and founder of NIL Technology (NILT). He holds a master’s degree in engineering from the Technical University of Denmark (DTU), where he specialized in nanotechnology. Since 2006, Nielsen has acted as CEO of NILT. In the recent years, he has transformed NILT from a technology company specializing in nanoimprint lithography (NIL) to a leading advanced nano-optics company. Today, NILT focuses on design, development, and mass production of diffractive optics and metaoptics for smartphones, consumer electronics, and AR/VR/MR.


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