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Key Machine Vision Properties Create Colorful 3D Scanning in Motion

Presentation will begin: Wednesday, July 19, 2023 - 1:05 PM EDT
Presented by: Tomas Michalik, Photoneo

3D point clouds can now be created in motion and in real time without motion artifacts. This is unique because of the combination of three key machine vision properties: high-quality 3D data, color information, and the ability to scan in motion.

The technology opens countless new application possibilities, especially for AI applications, VR and AR, the Metaverse, digital twinning, and applications that require the recognition, picking, and handling of objects in motion such as dynamic assembly, hand-eye manipulation, and others. Users can now achieve unprecedented efficiency and throughput as the processes can happen in constant motion without interruption.

About the presenter
Tomas MichalikTomas Michalik is the sales director responsible for the EMEA and APAC regions, leading a team of eight sales representatives, regional sales directors, and channel managers for the direct and indirect business of Photoneo. His experience with leading technological sales teams and various channels enables a smooth integration of Photoneo partner programs to maximize the benefits for both sides. He is passionate about technology, sports, gardening, and of course his family.


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