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Snapshot Video Rate Hyperspectral Imaging for Computer Vision Applications

Presentation will begin: Thursday, July 18, 2024 - 1:20 PM
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Snapshot Video Rate Hyperspectral Imaging for Computer Vision Applications

Presented by: Daniel Pearce, Living Optics

Snapshot video rate hyperspectral imaging (SVR-HSI) is an emerging technology that integrates the benefits of hyperspectral imaging with real-time video capabilities, offering significant advantages for various computer vision applications.

Unlike traditional hyperspectral imaging techniques that acquire data sequentially or require scanning, snapshot video rate HSI captures the spectral information of a scene simultaneously, enabling instantaneous spectral image acquisition at video frame rates. This fusion of spectral and temporal information unlocks new capabilities for computer vision developers in tasks such as material detection and quantification, object classification, tracking and reacquisition in cluttered environments and it covers agriculture, environmental monitoring, sensing at range, automated recycling and sorting, and healthcare.

By providing rich spectral data at video rate alongside high resolution image streams, snapshot video rate HSI facilitates a more accurate and robust analysis of dynamic scenes in real-time. The presentation explores the values, techniques, and advancements of using Snapshot video rate hyperspectral imaging in computer vision applications and highlights its potential to improve efficiency and performance in diverse domains.

About the presenter
Daniel PearceDaniel Pearce heads the applications team at Living Optics, finding new and exciting uses for snapshot hyperspectral imaging. He is a physicist with 20 years experience in field spectroscopy and laboratory-based paint and coatings characterization.

Pearce holds honors degrees in physics and computer science from the University of Warwick. He develops new multispectral CCTV and next generation autonomous surveillance systems for long range reconnaissance across government and defense industry.

About the sponsor(s)
  • Living Optics - Provides an accessible, portable hyperspectral imaging camera system which captures the information light offers unseen by human eyes and conventional cameras. HSI approach uses cutting-edge algorithmic and spectrographic techniques to overcome previous HSI limitations and delivers a fast mobile video hyperspectral solution.

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