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Bruker Optics Presentation
Speaker TBD (Bruker Optics)
Helbling Presentation
Speaker TBA (Helbling Technik Bern AG)
Modulight Presentation
Presenter TBD (Modulight Inc.)
Deep Learning-Enabled Computational Microscopy and Diffractive ImagingAydogan Ozcan
Aydogan Ozcan (UCLA)
Applications of Multimodal Multiphoton Imaging Techniques in Preclinical and Clinical Pharmacological StudiesAneesh Alex
Aneesh Alex (GSK Center)
MediSCAPE microscopy enables label-free, 3D histological imaging in vivoMalte Casper
Malte Casper (Columbia University)
Multi-Immersion Lenses for Cleared Tissue ImagingJon Daniels
Jon Daniels (ASI)
Multi-Organ COVID-19 Autopsy Findings Using 3D Virtual HistologyGuang Li
Guang Li (Tulane University)
Probes Provide Supermultiplexed Imaging of Tissues and SystemsWei Min
Wei Min (Columbia University)
Selecting the Right Optics for Ultrafast MicroscopyOlivia Wheeler
Olivia Wheeler (Edmund Optics)
Semantic and instance segmentation of microscopic images using pre-trained neuronal networksMike Woerdemann
Mike Woerdemann (Olympus)
Optical Coherence Tomography
Optical Coherence Tomography and Multimodal Characterization of Bacterial Biofilms in Humans and Their Implications for DiseaseStephen Boppart
Stephen Boppart (University of Illinois)
3D Optical Coherence Refraction TomographyKevin Zhou
Kevin Zhou (Duke University)
Multimodal Functional OCT for Clinical Assessment of Oral Soft and Hard Tissue ConditionsHrebesh Molly Subhash
Hrebesh Molly Subhash (Colgate)
RCM-OCT Enhances Skin Cancer Diagnosis and Therapy Guidance Through Hand-Held ImagingNick Iftimia
Nick Iftimia (PSI Corp)
Biomedical Imaging
FLIM in Surgical OncologyLaura Marcu
Laura Marcu (UC Davis)
BabyGlucoLight Uses Diffuse Optics to Link Glucose Levels at Birth with Early Brain DevelopmentSabrina Brigadoi
Sabrina Brigadoi (University of Padova)
Fiber-Based Spectrally and Time-Resolved Mapping of TissuesJulius Heitz
Julius Heitz (Becker & Hickl)
Fluorescence techniques help preserve parathyroid function during thyroid surgeryFrédéric Triponez
Frédéric Triponez
Macroscopy FRET FLI Monitors Cancer Drug-Target Engagement in VivoMargarida Barroso
Margarida Barroso (Albany Medical College)
Multi-photon Imaging in NeuroscienceJoseph Mastron
Joseph Mastron (Toptica)
Optical Technologies Are Poised to Guide Cancer Surgery in Low- to Middle-Income RegionsJenna Mueller
Jenna Mueller (University of Maryland)
Scientific CMOS Drives Discovery in Live-Tissue ApplicationsBrad Coyle
Brad Coyle (Hamamatsu)
Photoacoustic Imaging
Emerging Clinical Applications of LED-based Photoacoustic Imaging
Mithun Singh (Cyberdyne)
Photoacoustic Remote Sensing: A New Absorption-Based Microscopy for Assessment of Subcellular StructuresParsin H. Reza
Parsin H. Reza (University of Waterloo)
Flow Cytometry
Algorithms Al Fresco: Challenges in Visualizing High Dimensional Flow Cytometry DataDavid Novo
David Novo (De Novo Software)
Time-Resolved Flow Cytometry Unlocks Simplified Workflows and Higher Sensitivity
Giacomo Vacca (Kinetic River)
Raman Spectroscopy Provides Vital Analysis for Biomedical Research and Clinical DiagnosticsJuergen Popp
Juergen Popp (Leibniz Institute)
Analysis of Common Dyes Using Steady-State and Time-Resolved SpectroscopyDerek Guenther
Derek Guenther (Ocean Insight)
Cutting-Edge 3D Raman Imaging in the Life SciencesIevgeniia Iermak
Ievgeniia Iermak (WITec)
Hyperspectral Time-Resolved Compressive Sensing SpectrometerMamadou Diop
Mamadou Diop (Lawson Research Institute)
Neuro-monitoring with Diffuse Optical Methods
Maria Angela Franceschini (Harvard Medical)
Lasers & Therapeutics
Specialized Laser Probes Capture Fluorescence Detail and Drive TherapyMarco Arrigoni
Marco Arrigoni (Coherent)
Femtosecond Lasers Capture Details for DiagnosisIan Read
Ian Read (MKS)
Laser Microbiopsy Could Provide Detailed Pathological Data with Limited Sample DamageJason King
Jason King (University of Texas)
Lasers Aid in Cancer Treatment, Monitor Drug Delivery in Real Time
TBA (ModuLight)
Multi-Line Lasers Help Simplify Systems Based on Light Sheet Microscopy for Clinical ApplicationsMelissa Haahr
Melissa Haahr (HÜBNER Photonics)
Photodynamic Therapy (PDT) as a Cancer Technology for Global HealthJonathan Celli
Jonathan Celli (UMass Boston)
Reconstituted Beam Helps Clarify [to Classify?] Cancerous Tissue in the Space-Time Light-Sheet MethodMbaye Diouf
Mbaye Diouf (Brown University)

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