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Unlocking the Unseen: Enhancing Machine Vision Capabilities with Polarization Information

Unlocking the Unseen: Enhancing Machine Vision Capabilities with Polarization Information

Presented by: Lars Johnsson, Metalenz

3D machine vision systems using structured light or time-of-flight technology are limited in their capability by the singularity of their working principle: to provide basic distance or depth information from a single point or a point cloud. They can determine how far away an object is, but they cannot provide any information about the object itself beyond its contour, in case of structured light. Even worse, translucent objects can’t be measured with any accuracy, and glass-like objects basically don’t exist.

This is where a new generation of meta-optics enhanced cameras can deliver an additional, previously unseen layer of information by harnessing the power of polarization to characterize material properties and contours of all kinds of objects, including transparent ones.

This presentation explores how novel hardware and machine-learning algorithms can harness the power of polarized light to characterize depth and material properties and detect transparent objects, edges, and facial contour details. Not only does this first of its kind technology bring new insights that current cameras and machine vision systems cannot capture, but it also enables a reduction in cost, size, and complexity from traditional 3D sensing systems.

About the presenter
Lars JohnssonLars Johnsson is the vice president of product, sales, and marketing at Metalenz. Drawing on his experience from over 25 years of repeated success growing market share, revenue, and profit while bringing new and disruptive products to market, he leads all aspects of Metalenz’ product roadmap, go-to-market strategy, and revenue generation. Prior to Metalenz, Johnsson was vice president of mobile marketing at Skyworks Solutions and senior director of product marketing at TDK-InvenSense and Broadcom Corporation. In addition, he was instrumental in driving three start-ups from pre-revenue concept to profitable exits, as vice president of marketing and business development at Cavendish Kinetics and Beceem Communications, and at Flarion Technologies, which he co-founded.

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