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Beyond the Numbers: Understanding Lens Specifications and Making an Educated Decision

Beyond the Numbers: Understanding Lens Specifications and Making an Educated Decision

Presented by: Magnus Greger, Schneider-Kreuznach Group

In the dynamic field of optical engineering, the lack of standardized lens specifications and tolerance metrics is a significant challenge. This presentation sheds light on the critical issue of lens tolerance standards, with a particular focus on the misleading nature of technical data sheets.

The core concern revolves around the varying presentation of performance parameters such as modulation transfer function (MTF), focal length, and aperture in datasheets, which makes objective comparisons between lenses difficult. In particular, the presentation advocates careful examination of key parameters and emphasizes the need for uniformity and transparency. Through revelations about different specification standards and formats, the audience gains valuable insight into the intricacies of lens specifications, both for selecting standard lenses and defining custom optics.

The conclusion emphasizes the responsibility of buyers to navigate the ambiguity, urging them to ask the right questions and seek clarity from manufacturers to make the right, cost-effective decisions on projects.

The executive summary includes a call to action for industry stakeholders to adopt transparent data presentation practices, ultimately empowering buyers to make informed decisions. In a landscape where technical data sheets lack standardized governance, this presentation navigates the complexities and provides a roadmap for seasoned engineers and novices alike.

About the presenter
Magnus GregerMagnus Greger has been head of the industrial business unit at Schneider-Kreuznach since 2021.

Previously, Greger held various positions in the sales organization, where he was responsible for global customized development projects and was sales director for EMEA. He has a strong background in optics, mechanical design, and electrical and software engineering based on his studies in physical technologies.

Greger started his career as an optical engineer involved in the design and testing of high-end optical lenses, later taking on project management responsibilities and acting as an interface between development departments in complex projects. With his open and motivating character, he supports international customers as a contact person and problem solver in the implementation of the most complex technical requirements.

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