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3D Imaging of Transparency: The Next Frontier in Automated Item Picking

3D Imaging of Transparency: The Next Frontier in Automated Item Picking

Presented by: Bradley Vargo, Zivid

Warehouse automation has proven to be difficult due to a huge number of different item SKUs (stock-keeping units) and challenging parts to image. Items can come in any type of packaging: matte boxes, plastic bags, poly bags, windows, transparent bottles. Transparency has been a roadblock to getting to a fully automated warehouse. Why is it so hard to get a 3D point cloud of transparent surfaces? In this webinar, the innovations shaping the future of robotic item picking are explored.

About the presenter
Bradley VargoBradley Vargo is a seasoned professional in automation and vision technology, with over 13 years of expertise in industrial automation and 12 years specializing in machine vision and 2D/3D camera systems. With a robust background in designing and implementing advanced automation solutions, Vargo consistently drives innovation and efficiency in industrial settings. His deep understanding of machine vision and 2D/3D imaging technologies enables him to develop cutting-edge applications that enhance precision and productivity. Vargo’s dedication to excellence and extensive technical knowledge make him a pivotal asset in industrial automation and vision.

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