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Matching the Right Laser Module to the Machine Vision Application

Presentation will begin: Tuesday, July 16, 2024 - 1:55 PM
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Matching the Right Laser Module to the Machine Vision Application

Presented by: Kirsten Schuh, Laser Components

Machine vision and computer vision applications enable quality management, quality control and automation, and are gaining in importance. Each manufactured product needs to undergo a final check; but different variables can make this task a challenge. Materials, surface properties and measurement tasks (1D measurement – width and length, 2D shape of an object or 3D image) vary widely. The precision of the measurement result is highly dependent on lighting. The performance of the applied laser light will be influenced by several key factors. This presentation will explore these key factors including shape, size and material of the measured object, resolution requirements, the trade-off between depth of focus and line thickness, as well as field of view.

Through case studies this session will show how customer needs may evolve and make an informed decision about selecting the appropriate laser module based on the requirements of the application.

About the presenter
Kirsten SchuhKirsten Schuh, Ph.D., is the product manager for the laser modules and single photon counter modules at Laser Components Germany in Olching (close to Munich), a manufacturer of detector and laser diode modules as well as laser optics and optical fibers. She is responsible for the worldwide product roadmap as well as the product lifecycle of the product line Flexpoint laser modules. After her doctorate at KIT (Karlsruhe) in technical chemistry, she started as a product manager in the automotive sector and continued as a project manager increasing production capacities and leading complex development projects in the field of optical manufacturing. With her experience in machine and production process development as well as managing customer needs, Schuh now supports finding the right solution for customer applications.

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