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Hamamatsu Corporation
How 10, 25, 50, and 100GigE Vision Cameras Can Benefit Your Machine Vision Application
John Ilett (Emergent Vision Technologies Inc.)
Kowa American Corp. Presentation
Presenter TBD (Kowa American Corp.)
Next-Generation Lasers and Detectors for Lidar and Range Finders
Jens Krause (Excelitas Technologies Corp.), Anand Pandy (Excelitas Technologies Corp.)
3D Imaging for Conveyor Applications
Mattias Johannesson (SICK)
3D Segmentation for Robotic Singulation
Dave Bruce (FANUC America Corporation (FAC))
4D Vision in the Real World: Where 3D Fails and 4D Succeeds
Armin Khatoonabadi (Apera AI)
AI for Industrial Automation and Logistics
Michal Maly (Photoneo)
AI for Networked IoT Devices
Daniel L. Lau (University of Kentucky)
Avoiding Pitfalls When Building Deep Learning Vision Systems
Daniel Bibireata (Landing AI)
Best Practices for VGR Integration
David L. Dechow (Integro Technologies Corp.)
Commercial High-Resolution Quantum Dot SWIR Sensors and Cameras for Industrial Automation Markets
Ethan Klem (SWIR Vision Systems)
Deep Learning in Machine Vision: Benefits and Application Examples
Mario Bohnacker (MVTec)
Demystifying Imaging Lens Selection
Nicholas Sischka (Edmund Optics)
Embedded Vision and AI
Kevin McCabe (IDS Imaging Development Systems GmbH)
Global Vision Standards Development Overview and A3 Vision & Imaging Standards Latest Developments
Bob McCurrach (A3)
Human-Like Vision for Pick-and-Place Robotics
Raman Sharma (Zivid)
Hybrid AI Reduces Inspection Errors, Costs, and Risk
Jonathan Hou (Pleora)
Imaging in the UV, IR, and Beyond: The Role of Optical Filters in Vision Applications
Georgy Das (Midwest Optical Systems)
Integrating Telecentric Optics for Machine Vision
Gaetano Panagia (Opto Engineering)
Is It a Wolf or a Husky? Can You Trust Your AI Vision Model?
Ted Way (Microsoft)
Market Update
Alex Shikany (A3)
Merging TOF Depth and 2D Color Data for 3D Robot Perception
Kimberly Matsinger (Basler, Inc.)
Optical Methods for Enhanced Machine Vision Images
Kevin Harding (Optical Metrology Solutions)
Processor Trends in Compact Industrial Cameras
Susan Cheng (Xilinx)
Reducing the Barriers to Artificial Intelligence Machine Vision Systems
Andy Long (Cyth Systems)
Ruggedized Lens Designs for Emerging Applications
Jason Baechler (MORITEX North America)
Shrinking Pixels and Growing Sensors: Two Approaches for Increasing Resolution
Greg Hollows (Edmund Optics)
Standards Update: EMVA
Werner Feith (EMVA)
Systems Integrator Forum
Darcy Bachert (Prolucid Technologies Inc.), Tom Brennan (Artemis Vision), David L. Dechow (Integro Technologies Corp.), Steve Wardell (ATS Automation)
The State of the Art in Machine Vision Lighting
Steve Kinney (Smart Vision Lights)
Vision Tech in the 2020s: A Changing Landscape
Chris Yates (Vision Ventures)

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