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Smart Vision Lights

Uniform Top Hat Oblique Illumination for Machine Vision Applications

Uniform Top Hat Oblique Illumination for Machine Vision Applications

Presented by: Ronian Siew, Venture Biotech Modules Business

Machine vision lighting usually requires off-axial illumination so that glare reflections are avoided, and specific shadows in the region of interest are formed to highlight details. Although "ring illumination" from a string of small LEDs surrounding the region of interest can achieve both uniformity and avoid glare (provided the ring's diameter is sufficiently wide if the imaging system is at the center), it may sometimes be required to have a single light source shining at an oblique angle and still achieve high uniformity in the illumination. Siew presents a way to achieve top hat illumination uniformity with a single source at oblique angles using Villuminator technology.

About the presenter
Ronian SiewRonian Siew obtained his degrees in optics and physics at the University of Rochester. He is an optics consultant with more than 25 years of professional experience designing optical systems. Siew has authored scientific peer-reviewed papers, four books, and holds two patents. He also serves as an associate editor in the area of optical design for SPIE’s Spotlight book series.

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