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UV Lighting and Machine Vision: Examining Applications from Food and Beverage Inspection to Quality Control

UV Lighting and Machine Vision: Examining Applications from Food and Beverage Inspection to Quality Control

Presented by: Paul Proios, Metaphase Lighting Technologies

UV lighting offers numerous advantages in inspection and quality control applications in a number of key sectors with its ability to excite fluorescent materials or markers, which can then be detected using a camera or sensor and for detecting invisible markings that can only be detected under UV light. It can also be used to improve the contrast between an object and its background, making it easier to detect specific features or defects, which is especially useful when inspecting materials that have low contrast or are difficult to distinguish from their surroundings.

This presentation takes an in-depth look at different use cases, from inspecting the print in UV to allow for batch tracing to examining the quality of packaging and food sealing. Viewers will learn of the various considerations in implement UV fluorescing, from the cost to add UV pigment, eye safety concerns, the need to implement bandpass filters to isolate fluorescence and material limitations, as some may require special preparation or treatment to enhance their fluorescence.

About the presenter
Paul ProiosPaul Proios is the director of product management at Metaphase Lighting Technologies. He has extensive experience across a variety of industry roles, including engineering, pharma, aviation, and IoT.

Proios now focuses on development and maintenance of products offered by Metaphase, communicating with customers to continually deliver what they need for successful machine vision applications.

Proios served on active duty in the US Army for eight years as an aviation officer and UH-60 Blackhawk pilot. He received his Commission and Mechanical Engineering degree from West Point and is working on his Master’s Project at Johns Hopkins University. He is currently a Major in the US Army Reserves.

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