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Smart Vision Lights

Novel Lighting for Today’s High-Speed Machine Vision Challenges

Novel Lighting for Today’s High-Speed Machine Vision Challenges

Presented by: Steve Kinney, Smart Vision Lights

Around the world, businesses of all types must find ways to innovate and keep pace with customer demands. Industrial automation technologies have been a reliable means for businesses in industries including automotive, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, and e-commerce to meet those goals, but as needs evolve, these businesses are tasked with finding ways to accelerate their processes.

Speeding up an industrial automation system requires more than just fast cameras; however, it also requires advanced lighting, which is necessary for high-quality image acquisition. This presentation looks at the role that machine vision lighting plays in these systems, while highlighting some of today’s most challenging high-speed machine vision applications and how lighting designs have adapted to help bring these high-speed applications to life.

About the presenter
Steve KinneySteve Kinney is a machine vision expert who joined Pulnix America and entered the machine vision industry in 1998. Going on to work for Basler, JAI, CCS, and now Smart Vision Lights, he has many years of machine vision and imaging experience and has become an expert in industrial cameras and imagers. Since starting work in the machine vision lighting sector in early 2015, he now combines camera expertise with machine vision lighting to bring an expanded knowledge base to the market.

Kinney has additionally been an active A3 member and a current member of the A3 Board of Directors and vice chair of the Vision & Imaging Technology Strategy Board. He has been a past chairman of the AIA’s Camera Link Committee for a 20-year span, beginning with its inception in 1999. As chair of one of the major standards committees, he has also been a participant in the G3’s Future Standards Forum.

Kinney has also been a major material contributor and instructor for the A3 Certified Vision Professional (CVP) program in both the Basic and Advanced CVP Camera + Image Sensor Technology courses. He currently is the director of training, compliance and technical solutions for Smart Vision Lights in Muskegon, MI.

About the sponsor(s)
  • Smart Vision Lights - Designer and manufacturer of high-brightness LED lights for industrial applications, including machine vision. LED lights have universal internal current-control drivers, offering constant or strobed operation, reduced wiring requirements, and easy installation. All lights are IEC 62471 tested.

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