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Contrast, Repeatability, and Protection: The Integral Role of Optical Filters in Machine Vision Systems

Contrast, Repeatability, and Protection: The Integral Role of Optical Filters in Machine Vision Systems

Presented by: Georgy Das, Midwest Optical Systems

Optical filters are pivotal yet often overlooked components in the architecture of machine vision systems. This presentation aims to showcase the functional and protective benefits these filters provide, emphasizing their importance on par with lenses, lighting, and cameras. We will explore how optical filters create and enhance contrast, crucial for accurate image capture in diverse environments. Additionally, we will discuss the protective aspects of these filters, which safeguard sensitive optical components from various hazards, thereby extending the longevity and effectiveness of machine vision systems. This session will equip the audience with the knowledge to make informed choices about optical filters and understand their impact on both image quality and component durability.

About the presenter
Georgy DasGeorgy Das is the director of systems and training at Midwest Optical Systems. He has delivered countless presentations and training sessions around the world. He loves to figure out simple solutions to complex problems and is always tracking the latest trends in machine vision and other technology landscapes.

About the sponsor(s)
  • Midwest Optical Systems Inc. - Manufacturer of optical filters, lenses, and accessories, stock and custom precision optical components and assemblies including lenses, mirrors, windows, prisms, and test glasses for laser, x-ray, projection, biotechnology, security, scientific, industrial, license plate recognition, and machine vision applications.

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