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Broadband Imaging Using Quantum Dot Technology and Push Broom Sensor Development

Broadband Imaging Using Quantum Dot Technology and Push Broom Sensor Development

Presented by: Samiul Haque, Emberion

The presentation focuses on the VIS-SWIR imagers using quantum dots, their applications, and introduces the concepts of tri-band imagers and push broom sensors for hyperspectral imaging using quantum dot technology and custom ROIC design.

Additionally, the presentation covers the development of a tri-band detector that can simultaneously image VIS, SWIR, and thermal bands (MWIR/LWIR) using one focal plane array. Such cameras require custom lenses and filters working in three bands simultaneously. These detectors incorporating super-pixels can enable ultimate imaging solutions using one camera instead of using multiple cameras.

About the presenter
Samiul HaqueSamiul Haque, Ph.D., is a senior product manager and one of the co-founding members and staff at Emberion. He has been focusing on commercial aspects of Emberion dealing with product specification and variants, marketing, and application domains of SWIR and thermal sensor-based cameras using quantum dots. He is additionally managing the IP portfolio of the company.

Before joining Emberion, the independent spin off from Nokia 2016, he worked in various multidisciplinary areas of R&D at Nokia technologies as a senior researcher. He led projects related to flexible and stretchable electronics, touch sensors, designed novel RF antennas, and graphene-based sensors. He has developed multiple novel techniques of developing graphene devices using printed electronics. His background is in nanomaterials and nanodevice fabrication, characterization of sensors and devices. Haque has filed more than 40 patents in the relevant field, published in international journals and trade press. He has a doctorate in electrical engineering from University of Cambridge, UK, related to CMOS Gas sensors using carbon nanotubes

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