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Maximizing Your Hyperspectral SWIR Imaging System with Optimized Illumination

Maximizing Your Hyperspectral SWIR Imaging System with Optimized Illumination

Presented by: Matthew Branch, ProPhotonix Ltd

Current advances in sensor technology have extended imaging capabilities of machine vision systems beyond the visible (VIS) and NIR spectrum, into the SWIR spectrum between 1000nm and 1750nm. Line scan imaging using these InGaAs sensors and hyperspectral SWIR LED line lights, has been successfully deployed across a variety of applications such as food sorting, plastics recycling, material inspection, chemical and pharmaceutical analysis, and more. Key considerations when specifying hyperspectral SWIR lighting include form factor, intensity, spectral uniformity, and narrow linewidths. In this presentation, Branch shares best-practice scenarios for hyperspectral SWIR lighting across a wide range of line scan applications.

About the presenter
Matthew BranchMatthew Branch, Ph.D., is a senior product manager at ProPhotonix Ltd., a LED light and laser diode module manufacturer of machine vision lighting systems worldwide. Educated in the field of semiconductor physics, Branch now also has over 15 years of experience in the field of LED industrial, and machine vision lighting. He is based in the LED manufacturing facility located in Cork, Ireland and on a day-to-day basis, he manages many of the product lifecycles within the ProPhotonix product offering. Supporting the sales team within ProPhotonix, he interacts closely with end-users in specifying the correct LED or laser-based system suitable for their application. This requires a thorough understanding of the capabilities of the ProPhotonix product offerings, and how to best apply them for maximum results. In the case of custom or OEM products, Branch works closely with customers at a very early stage to translate their product requirements into a realistic, and cost-effective development proposal.

About the sponsor(s)
  • ProPhotonix Ltd. - Produces laser modules and distributes laser diodes from manufacturers for industrial OEMs, medical, and defense markets. Designs and manufactures LED lights for machine vision, industrial, security, and medical markets.

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