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Optimizing Lens Selection for Hyperspectral and Multispectral Imaging: Key Considerations

Optimizing Lens Selection for Hyperspectral and Multispectral Imaging: Key Considerations

Presented by: Ethan Ide, Kowa American Corporation

Hyperspectral and multispectral imaging require correct lens selection to achieve optimal results. This talk will cover crucial factors to consider when choosing the right lenses for these applications, including spectral range, sensor size, and optical design. The importance of considering lens attributes to maximize imaging quality will also be discussed.

Additionally, Ide will explore the tradeoffs between VIS-SWIR hyperspectral lenses and lenses that only cover visible or SWIR ranges, including the impact on lens design, cost, and overall system performance.

Attendees will gain a deeper understanding of how to select the right VIS-SWIR lenses for their hyperspectral and multispectral imaging applications and make informed decisions to meet their specific requirements.

About the presenter
Ethan IdeEthan is currently a sales and marketing specialist at Kowa American Corp. He brings over 12 years of experience in scientific system sales and development across multiple sectors including business-to-business, government, academic, research & development, and industrial. His expertise covers machine vision, spectroscopy, imaging, automation, and biomedical systems. Since joining Kowa, he has been focused on supporting the optics division’s sales, business development, and application marketing efforts.

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