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Medical & Life Sciences
8:00 AM
Miriam BöhmlerPROMOTED
Raman Microscopy for Pharmaceutical Research and Development: Technique Variations and Software Advances
Miriam Böhmler (WITec GmbH)
8:35 AM
Rasmus B. SteroboSpectral Domain Optical Coherence Tomography: Best Practices and Benefits in Ophthalmology
Rasmus B. Sterobo (Ibsen Photonics)
9:10 AM
Mustafa KansizNon-Contact Sub-500 nm IR and Simultaneous Raman Microscopy with Fluorescence Imaging Serves as a New Paradigm in Vibrational Spectroscopy
Mustafa Kansiz (Photothermal Spectroscopy Corp.)
9:45 AM
Sebastian RemiTechnologies and Applications for Ultra Low Light Detection in Bio-Spectroscopy
Sebastian Remi (Teledyne Princeton Instruments)
10:20 AM
Igor LednevRaman Spectroscopy for Forensic Science: Identification and Analysis of Biological Stains and Gunshot Residue
Igor Lednev (SUNY Albany)
10:55 AM
Jason PalidwarBio-Analytical Applications of Raman and the Role of Optical Filters
Jason Palidwar (Iridian Spectral Technologies)
11:30 AM
Linda KidderFact or Fiction: Multidimensional Fluorescence Serves as a Reproducible Analytical Tool
Linda Kidder (HORIBA Scientific)
12:05 PM
Derek GuentherPCR-Based Analysis of a Common Fluorescein Derivative Using Broadband Spectroscopy Platforms
Derek Guenther (Ocean Insight)
12:40 PM
Jason SorgerNon-Invasive Glucose Monitoring Techniques using QCL-IR Lasers
Jason Sorger (DRS Daylight Solutions Inc.)
Food Analysis
1:15 PM
Lili HeImplementation of Raman Spectroscopy for Analyzing Food
Lili He (University of Massachusetts, Amherst)
1:50 PM
Luis Rodriguez-SaonaFrom Farm to Fork: The Path for Spectroscopy Devices to Safeguard Nutrition, Quality, and Safety of our Foods
Luis Rodriguez-Saona (Ohio State University)
2:25 PM
Rez ManiInvestigation of Food Related Products and Packaging using a Hand-Held Near-IR Spectrophotometer
Rez Mani (ASP Laser Inc.)
Art Conservation
3:00 PM
Kristen FranoRaman Spectroscopy and Art Conservation: New Techniques for Non-Invasive Analysis of Cultural Heritage
Kristen Frano (Metrohm Inc.)
3:35 PM
Thomas Tague Jr.Jackson Pollock and Hueco Tanks: Successes in Mobile Art Object Analysis
Thomas Tague Jr. (Bruker Optics)
Systems & Components
8:00 AM
Exploring Plasmonics and Metamaterials with COMSOL®
Justus Bohn (COMSOL Inc.)
LIBS Innovations
8:35 AM
John D. GilmoreKey Considerations When Utilizing Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy
John D. Gilmore (Hamamatsu Corporation)
9:10 AM
Mauro MartinezNew Advances in the Use of Molecular Emission Created by LIBS for Fluoride Imaging in Medicine
Mauro Martinez (Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai)
9:45 AM
Hunter AndrewsSupporting Advanced Nuclear Reactor Development with LIBS
Hunter Andrews (Oak Ridge National Laboratory)
10:20 AM
Lisa BalkeLIBS and LDI-MS as Complimentary Techniques for Interphase Characterization in Lithium-Ion Batteries
Lisa Balke (University of Münster)
10:55 AM
Mary Kate DonaisAdvantages, Risks, and Challenges: Applications of Portable LIBS for Field Archaeology
Mary Kate Donais (Saint Anselm College)
11:30 AM
Valerie PayréGeology on Mars: Overview of the LIBS Results
Valerie Payré (University of Iowa)
Systems & Components
12:05 PM
Branislav TimotijevicTunable Lenses Magnify Possibilities of Spectroscopy Applications
Branislav Timotijevic (Optotune AG)
12:40 PM
Adam HeinigerOvercoming Detection Limits of Absorption Spectroscopy
Adam Heiniger (TOPTICA Photonics)
1:15 PM
Dave VentolaFoundational Principles of Diffraction Gratings
Dave Ventola (Optometrics Corp.)
1:50 PM
Paul GolataWhat's the Matter? Distributed Bragg Reflector (DBR) Laser Diodes Enable the Study of Matter
Paul Golata (Photodigm, Inc.)
2:25 PM
Chris LynchDefining the Requirements for Advanced Analysis Platforms to Characterize Next Generation Optical Components
Chris Lynch (PerkinElmer)
3:00 PM
Markus GeiserQCL Dual-comb Spectroscopy for Density and Melt Flow Rate Prediction of Polyethylene
Markus Geiser (IRsweep AG)
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