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BioPhotonics Conference 2023

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About this event

The BioPhotonics conference features three keynotes and 34 presentations across three days promoting microscopy, spectroscopy, and imaging.

Keynote speakers bridge the gap from industry to academia and deliver sessions offering insights into preeminent image technologies and how they’re transforming innovation in the research laboratory as well as clinical therapeutics. This conference was created to help researchers, engineers, laboratory technicians, scientists, and clinicians take the next step in professional development.

Ji-Xin Cheng, the 2022 Boston University Innovator of the Year, highlights vibrational photothermal microscopy and its evolving abilities to analyze molecules living inside a cell. Igor Lednev, distinguished professor in the Department of Chemistry at SUNY Albany, combines Raman hypserspectroscopy and advanced statistics for tracking and characterizing microheterogeneous systems inherent to the functioning of the brain and body — opening the door for a screening test for Alzheimer’s Disease. Wouter Charle, program manager for spectral imaging technology at imec, explains how the integration of on-chip technology enables visual examination of living organisms and tissues in real-time.

The third-annual BioPhotonics Conference features an expansive lineup of presentations detailing cutting-edge research and innovative technologies in the realms of microscopy, spectroscopy, and imaging lighting the way to improved diagnostics, treatments, and a heightened understanding of the biophotonics field. Attendees will hear about technologies driving innovation in biomedical technology and have a chance to network with industry experts pushing the boundaries of clinical therapeutics.


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