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Photonics Spectra Conference 2021


Analysis of Microplastics via IR Microscopy and Imaging

Presented by: Ariel Bohman, PerkinElmer

As more research efforts are focused on microplastics, awareness of the particles' ubiquitous presence is increasing. Microplastic particles have been found in the oceans, in our food and drinking water, and in the stomachs of animals. While some microplastics are intentional in use, such as those found in cosmetics, the inadvertent distribution of these microscopic particles has the potential to pose serious environmental and health effects, thereby making it critical to better understand the particles' distribution, degradation pathways, and long-term impacts. Infrared spectroscopy is a nondestructive technique that has a long history in the analysis of plastics and polymers. The tools and techniques used for the study of macro-size samples can readily be applied to those on the microscopic scale.

Ariel Bohman provides an overview to the analysis of microplastic particles using infrared microscopy and highlights important experimental factors to consider, such as sample preparation, sampling mode, and data processing. Case studies highlight detection and identification of microplastic particles using infrared microscopy and other hyphenation techniques.

About the presenter
Ariel BohmanAriel Bohman, Ph.D., is an application scientist for the infrared product line at PerkinElmer, where Ariel works with customers to develop their specific applications. Ariel received her Bachelor of Science from Minnesota State University Mankato, and her Ph.D. in Analytical Chemistry from the University of Iowa.


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