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XONOX Technology Inc.
8:30 AM EST
Removing Metrology Bottlenecks in Volume Lens Manufacturing
Frank DeWitt (XONOX)
9:00 AM EST
Freeform Surfaces: Resolving Manufacturing Challenges
Max Schwade (Satisloh)
9:30 AM EST
Replicative Manufacturing of Polymer Optics in a Digitalized Environment
Cornelia Rojacher (Fraunhofer Institute for Production Technology IPT)
10:00 AM EST
A Proposed US Standard for Laser Damage Performance
Jonathan W. Arenberg (Northrop Grumman)
10:30 AM EST
IR Optics: Efficient Testing Throughout the Manufacturing Process
Patrik Langehanenberg (Trioptics), Christian Domagalski (Trioptics)
11:00 AM EST
Optics Education and the Workforce
Alexis Vogt (Monroe Community College)
11:30 AM EST
A Practical Approach to Inverse-Designed Photonics
Jelena Vuckovic (Stanford University)
12:00 PM EST
Multiband and Multizone Filters and Their Applications
Jason Palidwar (Iridian)
1:00 PM EST
How Current Trends in Optics Are Lighting the Path to Turn Science Fiction into Science Fact
Jessica DeGroote Nelson (OPTIMAX Systems)
2:00 PM EST
Colorimetry: A Primer on the Science of Color Measurement
Jessy Hosken (Radiant Vision Systems)
2:30 PM EST
Metrology in Optics Manufacturing and Optical System Assembly
Kate Medicus (Ruda-Cardinal)
3:00 PM EST
Important Considerations When Designing Optics for Manufacturability
Kenny Rains (LaCroix Optics)
3:30 PM EST
Optical Systems Design: Top 10 Specification Considerations
Julie Bentley (University of Rochester)
4:00 PM EST
Superpolished Optics: Fabrication and Metrology
Jayson Nelson (Edmund Optics), Shawn Iles (Edmund Optics)
4:30 PM EST
A Virtual Tour of Holographic Combiner Elements Targeting HUD/AR Applications
Pierre-Alexandre Blanche (University of Arizona)
5:00 PM EST
Leveraging Micro- and Nanofabrication Techniques to Advance Optical Interference Coatings
Garrett D. Cole (Thorlabs Crystalline Solutions)
5:30 PM EST
Organic Small-Molecule Integrated Photonics
Andrea Armani (University of Southern California)

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