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Photonics Spectra Conference 2021

Surface Functionalization with Femtosecond Lasers and Applications
Chunlei Guo (The Institute of Optics, University of Rochester)
A Survey of Today's Laser Safety Training Options and Requirements
Ken Barat (Laser Safety Solutions)
Advancements in High-Power Semiconductor Lasers
Jörg Neukum (Coherent Inc.)
Advancements in Ultrashort-Pulse Fiber Laser Processing
Marco Mendes (IPG Photonics)
Directed Energy Lasers: A Historic and Future Perspective
Greg Quarles (Applied Energetics)
Ensuring Manufacturing Success with Laser Microwelding Processes
Mark Boyle (Amada Weld Tech)
Fiber Lasers: An Enabling Technology for E-Mobility Applications
Jack Gabzdyl (SPI Lasers)
How Power Supplies Can Enhance the Efficiency and Performance of Industrial Lasers
Jim Montgomery (ABB)
Infrared Molecular Gas Lasers: The Only Tool for Target Applications
Ben Fisher (Access Laser, a member of the Trumpf Group)
Lidar: Trends in Remote Detection and Measurement in Aerospace and Defense
Nikolaus Schmidt (Independent Consultant)
Modular Concepts Expand Applications for Ultrashort-Pulse Lasers
Ulf Quentin (Trumpf)
Nanostructured Surfaces: An Alternative to Thin-Film Antireflection Coatings
Rebecca Silver (Edmund Optics), Luigi Verdoni (Edmund Optics)
Quantum Cascade Lasers: Theory and Applied Use for Gas Monitoring
Gary Spingarn (Hamamatsu), Slawomir Piatek (Hamamatsu)
Streamlining Materials Processing with Blue Lasers
Jean-Michel Pelaprat (Nuburu), Matt Finuf (Nuburu)
The Rising Role of Lasers, Optogenetics, and Other Functional Probes in Neuroscience
Marco Arrigoni (Coherent Inc.)
Three Use Cases Illustrate the Value of Laser Processing in Semiconductor Manufacturing
Hans-Ulrich Zühlke (3D-Micromac)
Three Ways to Measure a Laser's Performance
Mark Slutzki (Ophir)
VCSEL Arrays: in Consumer, Industrial, and Automotive Applications
Matt Everett (Lumentum Operations LLC)
How Current Trends in Optics Are Lighting the Path to Turn Science Fiction into Science Fact
Jessica DeGroote Nelson (OPTIMAX Systems)
A Practical Approach to Inverse-Designed Photonics
Jelena Vuckovic (Stanford University)
A Proposed US Standard for Laser Damage Performance
Jonathan W. Arenberg (Northrop Grumman)
A Virtual Tour of Holographic Combiner Elements Targeting HUD/AR Applications
Pierre-Alexandre Blanche (University of Arizona)
Colorimetry: A Primer on the Science of Color Measurement
Jessy Hosken (Radiant Vision Systems)
Freeform Surfaces: Resolving Manufacturing Challenges
Max Schwade (Satisloh)
Important Considerations When Designing Optics for Manufacturability
Kenny Rains (LaCroix Optics)
IR Optics: Efficient Testing Throughout the Manufacturing Process
Patrik Langehanenberg (Trioptics), Christian Domagalski (Trioptics)
Leveraging Micro- and Nanofabrication Techniques to Advance Optical Interference Coatings
Garrett D. Cole (Thorlabs Crystalline Solutions)
Metrology in Optics Manufacturing and Optical System Assembly
Kate Medicus (Ruda-Cardinal)
Multiband and Multizone Filters and Their Applications
Jason Palidwar (Iridian)
Optical Fabrication
Jie Qiao (Rochester Institute of Technology)
Optical Systems Design: Top 10 Specification Considerations
Julie Bentley (University of Rochester)
Optics Education and the Workforce
Alexis Vogt (Monroe Community College)
Organic Small-Molecule Integrated Photonics
Andrea Armani (University of Southern California)
Polymer Optics
Speaker/Company TBA
Removing Metrology Bottlenecks in Volume Lens Manufacturing
Frank DeWitt (XONOX)
Superpolished Optics: Fabrication and Metrology
Jayson Nelson (Edmund Optics), Shawn Iles (Edmund Optics)
Seeing Life at the Molecule Level via Advanced Chemical Microscopy
Ji-Xin Cheng (Boston University)
Squeeze More Out of Your Measurement with Modern Lock-in Amplifier Technology
Claudius Riek (Zurich Instruments)
Advanced Raman Spectroscopy Techniques in Cultural Heritage
Claudia Conti (Italian National Research Council (CNR))
Analysis of Microplastics via IR Microscopy and Imaging
Ariel Bohman (PerkinElmer)
Applying QCLs for Enhanced Spectroscopic Analysis of Liquids
Bernhard Lendl (Vienna University of Technology)
Applying TERS Toward the Development of Strain-Tunable Single-Photon Sources
Jim Schuck (Columbia University)
Designing Photonic Devices for Untrained Users
Ellen V. Miseo (TeakOrigin)
Enabling Multiplexed and Sensitive Bioanalysis Using SERS and SESORS
Karen Faulds (University of Strathclyde)
Getting a Handle on Portable Spectroscopy in 2020
Richard Crocombe (Crocombe Spectroscopic Consulting)
How Laser Ablation Is Obliterating Barriers to New Spectroscopic Analytical Techniques
Alan Koenig (Applied Spectra)
Identifying and Controlling Defects in 2D Metal Dichalcogenides
Mauricio Terrones (Pennsylvania State University)
Infrared Spectroscopy and Imaging Probes the Nano Realm via Photothermal Detection
Curtis Marcott (Light Light Solutions LLC and University of Delaware)
Novel FTIR Technique Achieves Stable Spectral Measurement in the UV-VIS Range
Oumin Shan (Polytechnic University of Milan and NIREOS)
Optimizing Particle-Correlated Raman Spectroscopy Methods for Forensic Soil Mineral Analysis
Brooke W. Kammrath (University of New Haven)
Raman Spectroscopic Characterization of Microplastics
Bridget O'Donnell (HORIBA Scientific)
Rapid and Effective Large-Area Raman Imaging: Raman Microscopy Evolves
Andrew Whitley (HORIBA Scientific)
Rapid Reaction Monitoring via QCL-Based Mid-IR Dual-Comb Spectroscopy
Andreas Hugi (IRSweep)
Smartphone Spectroscopy Enables Citizen Science
Olivier Burggraaff (Leiden University)
What to Pack in Your Portable Spectrometers
Terry Sauer (Presco Engineering)
Biomedical Imaging
Toward Intelligent Microscopes: Deep Learning's Potential for Biomedical Applications
Aydogan Ozcan (University of California, Los Angeles)
Camera Technology in Medical & Life Sciences 2021: Latest Developments and Upcoming Trends
Peter Behringer (Basler)
3D Printing Enables Agile Design for OCT Systems and Applications
Adam Wax (Duke University and Lumedica Inc.)
A Framework for Designing Light Sheet Microscopes
Melissa Glidewell (ASI)
Advancements in Nanopositioning for Today's Microscopy Techniques and Applications
Thomas Bocher (PI (Physik Instrumente))
Advancements in Photoacoustic Imaging Brighten the Next Decade
Manojit Pramanik (Nanyang Tech University)
Augmented Reality Microscopy Offers a New Perspective for Biomedical Applications
Gabe Siegel (Augmentiqs), Dan Regelman (Augmentiqs)
Automation in Microscopy Captures the Whole Sample
Kevin McCarthy (Dover Motion)
Biophotonics Technologies Applied at Point of Care
Juergen Popp (Leibniz Institute of Photonic Technology)
Functional Imaging and Assessment of Cardiodynamics in Mouse Embryo via OCT
Shang Wang (Stevens Institute)
How High-Speed Multiphoton Volumetric Imaging Is Driving Higher Spatial and Temporal Resolutions
Brendan Brinkman (Olympus), Cheng-Hao Chien (Olympus)
Illuminating Ribonucleic Acids with Dye-Based Fluorescent Tools in Live Cells
Esther Braselmann (University of Colorado Boulder)
Listening to the Sound of Light to Guide Surgeries
Muyinatu Bell (Johns Hopkins University)
The Low-Noise Revolution Changes the Game … Again
Brad Coyle (Hamamatsu)
Through the Curtain: OCT-Enhanced Ear Exams Remove the Guesswork
Ryan Shelton (PhotoniCare)
Toward Clinical Applications of Photoacoustic Imaging
Xueding Wang (University of Michigan)
Using LEDs to Enhance Image Quality and Cell Viability
Alex Gramann (CoolLED)
Veterinary Applications of OCT for Cancer Surgery in Dogs and Cats
Laura Selmic (Ohio State University)

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