January 19 - 22, 2021 Online. FREE Registration.

Photonics Spectra Conference 2021

PI (Physik Instrumente) LP, Motion Control, Air Bearings, Piezo Mechanics
Surface Functionalization with Femtosecond Lasers and Applications
Chunlei Guo (The Institute of Optics, University of Rochester)
A Survey of Today's Laser Safety Training Options and Requirements
Ken Barat (Laser Safety Solutions)
Advancements in High-Power Semiconductor Lasers
Jörg Neukum (Coherent Inc.)
Advancements in Ultrashort-Pulse Fiber Laser Processing
Marco Mendes (IPG Photonics)
Directed Energy Lasers: A Historic and Future Perspective
Greg Quarles (Applied Energetics)
Ensuring Manufacturing Success with Laser Microwelding Processes
Mark Boyle (Amada Weld Tech)
Fiber Lasers: An Enabling Technology for E-Mobility Applications
Jack Gabzdyl (SPI Lasers)
How Power Supplies Can Enhance the Efficiency and Performance of Industrial Lasers
Jim Montgomery (ABB)
Infrared Molecular Gas Lasers: The Only Tool for Target Applications
Ben Fisher (Access Laser, a member of the Trumpf Group)
Lidar: Trends in Remote Detection and Measurement in Aerospace and Defense
Nikolaus Schmidt (Independent Consultant)
Modular Concepts Expand Applications for Ultrashort-Pulse Lasers
Ulf Quentin (Trumpf)
Nanostructured Surfaces: An Alternative to Thin-Film Antireflection Coatings
Rebecca Silver (Edmund Optics), Luigi Verdoni (Edmund Optics)
Quantum Cascade Lasers: Theory and Applied Use for Gas Monitoring
Gary Spingarn (Hamamatsu), Slawomir Piatek (Hamamatsu)
Streamlining Materials Processing with Blue Lasers
Jean-Michel Pelaprat (Nuburu), Matt Finuf (Nuburu)
The Rising Role of Lasers, Optogenetics, and Other Functional Probes in Neuroscience
Marco Arrigoni (Coherent Inc.)
Three Use Cases Illustrate the Value of Laser Processing in Semiconductor Manufacturing
Hans-Ulrich Zühlke (3D-Micromac)
Three Ways to Measure a Laser's Performance
Mark Slutzki (Ophir)
VCSEL Arrays: in Consumer, Industrial, and Automotive Applications
Matt Everett (Lumentum Operations LLC)

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