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TOPTICA Photonics Inc.
Jenoptik Optical Systems LLC, Light & Optics
Basler AG
Biomedical Imaging
7:30 AM EST
Camera Technology in the Medical and Life Sciences 2021: Latest Developments and Upcoming Trends
Peter Behringer (Basler)
8:00 AM EST
Advancements in Photoacoustic Imaging Brighten the Next Decade
Manojit Pramanik (Nanyang Tech University)
8:30 AM EST
3D Printing Enables Agile Design for OCT Systems and Applications
Adam Wax (Duke University and Lumedica Inc.)
9:00 AM EST
Biophotonics Technologies Applied at Point of Care
Juergen Popp (Leibniz Institute of Photonic Technology)
9:30 AM EST
Advancements in Nanopositioning for Today's Microscopy Techniques and Applications
Thomas Bocher (PI (Physik Instrumente))
10:00 AM EST
Augmented Reality Microscopy Offers a New Perspective for Biomedical Applications
Gabe Siegel (Augmentiqs), Dan Regelman (Augmentiqs)
10:30 AM EST
Using LEDs to Enhance Image Quality and Cell Viability
Alex Gramann (CoolLED)
11:00 AM EST
Listening to the Sound of Light to Guide Surgeries
Muyinatu Bell (Johns Hopkins University)
11:30 AM EST
How High-Speed Multiphoton Volumetric Imaging Is Driving Higher Spatial and Temporal Resolutions
Brendan Brinkman (Olympus), Cheng-Hao Chien (Olympus)
12:00 PM EST
The Low-Noise Revolution Changes the Game … Again
Brad Coyle (Hamamatsu)
1:00 PM EST
Toward Intelligent Microscopes: Deep Learning's Potential for Biomedical Applications
Aydogan Ozcan (University of California, Los Angeles)
2:00 PM EST
Toward Clinical Applications of Photoacoustic Imaging
Xueding Wang (University of Michigan)
2:30 PM EST
A Framework for Designing Light Sheet Microscopes
Melissa Glidewell (ASI)
3:00 PM EST
Automation in Microscopy Captures the Whole Sample
Kevin McCarthy (Dover Motion)
3:30 PM EST
Veterinary Applications of OCT for Cancer Surgery in Dogs and Cats
Laura Selmic (Ohio State University)
4:00 PM EST
Illuminating Ribonucleic Acids with Dye-Based Fluorescent Tools in Live Cells
Esther Braselmann (University of Colorado Boulder)
4:30 PM EST
Through the Curtain: OCT-Enhanced Ear Exams Remove the Guesswork
Ryan Shelton (PhotoniCare)
5:00 PM EST
Functional Imaging and Assessment of Cardiodynamics in Mouse Embryo via OCT
Shang Wang (Stevens Institute)

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