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Ocean Insight
Emerging Technologies
6:20 AM EDT
From Powders to Paint Chips: Modern Microspectroscopy Draws Big Information from Tiny Samples
Michael Bradley (Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc.)
7:30 AM EDT
Numerical Simulations of Optical Spectroscopy and Photonic Devices
Tom Chen (COMSOL Inc.)
8:05 AM EDT
New Laser Light Sources for Spectroscopy: Frequency Combs
Matthew Cich (TOPTICA Photonics Inc.)
8:40 AM EDT
Advancements in Fiber Optics for Spectrometers
Rafal Pawluczyk (FiberTech Optica Inc.)
9:15 AM EDT
AI-Enhanced Image Processing for High-Speed Spectroscopic Analysis of Food
Olga Pawluczyk (P&P Optica Inc.)
9:50 AM EDT
Next-Generation Fabrication for Low-Loss Quantum Photonic Devices
Russ Renzas (Oxford Instruments plc)
10:25 AM EDT
Advancements in Mid-IR Laser-Based Gas Analyzers: Fixed, Mobile, and Hand-Held
Jerome Thiebaud (Aeris Technologies Inc.)
11:00 AM EDT
Exploring Mars with Curiosity and Perseverance
Roger Craig Wiens (Los Alamos National Laboratory and Purdue University)
Data Analysis
12:30 PM EDT
Clarification on Data Analysis Buzzwords: AI, Deep Learning, and More
Peter de B. Harrington (Ohio University)
1:05 PM EDT
Data Analytics and Decision Theory at the Center of Advanced Sensing Solutions
Christopher Brown (908 Devices Inc.)
1:40 PM EDT
Classification and Quantitation of Edible Oils by Vibrational Spectroscopy: Lessons from the Interface of Application and Analysis
Karl Booksh (University of Delaware)
2:15 PM EDT
Forensic Chemistry: Vibrational Spectroscopy and Pattern Recognition Techniques
Barry K. Lavine (Oklahoma State University)
2:50 PM EDT
Exploring Portable Spectroscopic Devices, Sensors, and Analysis Methods for Seafood Decomposition Detection
Betsy Jean Yakes (U.S. Food and Drug Administration)

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