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Zebra Technologies
Inspection & AI
7:30 AM EDT
The Ultimate Vision System for Backlit Components: Light, Color, and Defect Detection in One
Matt Scholz (Radiant Vision Systems), Chris Williamson (Radiant Vision Systems)
8:05 AM EDT
The Single-Camera Approach to Addressing Inspection Challenges in the Pharmaceutical and Beverage Industries
Francesco Mondadori (Opto Engineering)
8:40 AM EDT
The Evolution of Deep Learning in Practice: The Move Toward Data-Centric Deep Learning
Christian Eckstein (MVTec)
9:15 AM EDT
Why Manufacturers of All Sizes Can Leverage Vision AI Software
Massimiliano Versace (Neurala)
9:50 AM EDT
Best Practices for Successful Automated Inspection and Quality Assurance
David L. Dechow (Landing AI)
10:25 AM EDT
The Democratization of AI-Powered Inspection
Jonathan Hou (Pleora)
11:00 AM EDT
Data-Centric AI: Using Small Sets of Data to Solve Real-World Applications with Deep Learning
Andrew Ng (Landing AI)
12:30 PM EDT
Low-Latency, On-Camera Inspection
Martin Hunt (Coherent Logix)
1:05 PM EDT
Inspections for Food and Packaging: Reaching Expectations with Machine Vision, Spectroscopy and Hyperspectral Imaging
Albert Tu (Hamamatsu Corp.)
Warehouse & Logistics
1:40 PM EDT
Utilizing Autonomous Mobile Robots in a Warehouse Environment
Jared Glover (CapSen Robotics)
2:15 PM EDT
Multimodal Machine Vision Applications Demand Integrated Lighting Solutions
Steve Kinney (Smart Vision Lights)
2:50 PM EDT
Barcode Reading: The Not-So-Obvious Path to Deep Learning Solutions
Jim Witherspoon (Zebra Technologies)
3:25 PM EDT
Tips for Designing and Implementing Vision Systems for a Warehouse Environment
Tom Brennan (Artemis Vision)

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