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How Thick-Film SiN Is Driving PICs for Datacom, Lidar, Quantum, and Sensing

Presentation will begin: Thursday, January 12, 2023 - 10:25 AM EST
Presented by: Michael Geiselmann, LIGENTEC

Thick-film silicon nitride (SiN) is an advantageous material platform for PICs targeting applications in lidar, datacom, quantum technologies, and sensing. It enables very low propagation losses, resulting in more compact circuits, components, and PICs, as well as higher yields. The platform further enables loss-efficient delay lines, as well as high Q-ring resonators that can be used for filters, narrow linewidth lasers, and frequency comb generation on the chip. With optical power thresholds of several watts and no two-photon absorption, thick-film SiN is an appealing option for high-laser-power applications such as lidar.

Geiselmann details the comparative merits and implementation of the thick-film SiN material platform and describes how PDKs established for it are helping to advance low-loss fiber-to-chip coupling, access to the evanescent field of waveguides, and the integration of other material platforms.

About the presenter
Michael GeiselmannMichael Geiselmann, Ph.D., is president and chief commercial officer of LIGENTEC. He studied physics and engineering at the University of Stuttgart and École Centrale Paris and received his doctorate at the Institute of Photonic Sciences in Barcelona. In 2014, joined the laboratory of professor Tobias Kippenberg at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology of Lausanne in Switzerland, where he advanced frequency comb generation on integrated silicon nitride chips and engaged in several international research projects. In 2016, Geiselmann co-founded LIGENTEC and brought the company to the international stage of photonic integration.


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