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Chroma Technology Corp.
NYFORS Teknologi AB
7:25 AM EST
Quantum Cascade Lasers (QCL-IR): Enabling Emerging Research in Materials and Life Sciences
Brock Koren (DRS Daylight Solutions)
8:00 AM EST
Bryan GermannPROMOTED
Technological Advancements in High-Dynamic Laser Processing to Improve Process Throughput and Part Quality
Bryan Germann (Aerotech, Inc.)
8:35 AM EST
Asger JensenThe New Developments That Quantum Computing Is Driving in Fiber Lasers and Frequency Conversion
Asger Jensen (NKT Photonics)
9:10 AM EST
Ole KockModular Laser Systems Are Key to Turning Quantum Physics into Industry-Ready Quantum Technologies
Ole Kock (TOPTICA Photonics)
9:45 AM EST
Roman KörnerSmall VCSELs Drive a Growing Field of Applications
Roman Körner (TRUMPF Photonic Components)
10:20 AM EST
Alex JuNext-Generation 3D Sensing Solutions for AR/VR/XR Applications
Alex Ju (Lumentum)
10:55 AM EST
Roland TeissierMaintaining Narrow Linewidths for Pulsed QCL Lasers in Gas Sensing Applications
Roland Teissier (mirSense)
11:30 AM EST
Tangi Le GuennicA Technique for Combining QCLs to Optimize Output for MIR Imaging Applications
Tangi Le Guennic (Cailabs)
12:05 PM EST
Eyal ShekelExtending Weld Depth with a 100-kW Single-Mode CW Dynamic Beam Laser
Eyal Shekel (Civan Lasers)
12:40 PM EST
Paul WebsterEnhancing E-Mobility Manufacturing ROI Using Real-Time Weld Quality Measurement
Paul Webster (IPG Photonics)
1:15 PM EST
Jaroslaw SperlingHow Femtosecond Fiber Lasers Are Propelling Industrial Innovation
Jaroslaw Sperling (Menlo Systems)
1:50 PM EST
Dariusz ŚwieradThe Influence of Ultrafast Laser Pulse Duration During Materials Processing
Dariusz Świerad (Fluence)
2:25 PM EST
Jason LeeInnovations in Ultrashort-Pulse and RF-Excited CO2 Lasers Expand Materials Processing Applications
Jason Lee (Luxinar)
3:00 PM EST
Jim BovatsekLithium-Ion Battery Processing Using Tailored Bursts of Infrared Ultrashort Pulses for Improved Quality and Cutting Speed
Jim Bovatsek (MKS Instruments)
3:35 PM EST
Judith ReillyYour Laser Safety Program and the New ANSI Standard
Judith Reilly (Kentek)
4:10 PM EST
Holger SchlüterPresent and Future Technologies for Laser Scan Systems
Holger Schlüter (SCANLAB)

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