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Chroma Technology Corp.
Photonic Integrated Circuits
6:55 AM EST
Brett HeintzPROMOTED
Precision Automation Principles for Optimal Testing and Packaging of PIC Devices
Brett Heintz (Aerotech, Inc.)
7:30 AM EST
Scott JordanGood News: Photonics Is Mainstream. Now We Must Scale.
Scott Jordan (PI (Physik Instrumente))
8:05 AM EST
Peter van ArkelThe IPSR-I Roadmap: Charting Future Challenges and Opportunities for Scaling Integrated Photonics
Peter van Arkel (Berenschot / IPSR-I roadmap)
8:40 AM EST
Kevin McComberA Proven, Portable, and PIC-Based Methodology for Cultivating a Next-Generation Workforce
Kevin McComber (Spark Photonics)
9:15 AM EST
Corrado SciancaleporeHow Is Silicon-on-Insulator Technology Fueling Growth in Silicon Photonics?
Corrado Sciancalepore (Soitec)
9:50 AM EST
Douwe GeuzebroekExpand Your Scope: Silicon Nitride Photonic Integrated Circuits
Douwe Geuzebroek (LioniX International)
10:25 AM EST
Michael GeiselmannHow Thick-Film SiN Is Driving PICs for Datacom, Lidar, Quantum, and Sensing
Michael Geiselmann (LIGENTEC)
11:00 AM EST
Claudia HoessbacherMichael GeiselmannHanjo RheeMichael LebbyJose PozoPANEL DISCUSSION
Lessons Learned When Scaling PICs for Volume Production
Hanjo Rhee (Sicoya GmbH), Claudia Hoessbacher (Polariton Technologies), Michael Lebby (Lightwave Logic), Michael Geiselmann (LIGENTEC)
12:05 PM EST
Michael LebbyHow Electro-Optic Polymers Boost PIC Speed and Power Efficiency
Michael Lebby (Lightwave Logic)
12:40 PM EST
Iñigo ArtundoEmerging Trends in PIC Design
Iñigo Artundo (VLC Photonics)
1:15 PM EST
Nikolaus FlöryElectro-Optical Circuit Boards Bridge the PICs Gap
Nikolaus Flöry (Vario-Optics)
1:50 PM EST
Jorn SmeetsThe Importance of High-Quality PDKs and Collaboration in PIC Production
Jorn Smeets (PhotonDelta)
2:25 PM EST
Nicholas FahrenkopfPrototyping PICs for Applications Beyond Datacom
Nicholas Fahrenkopf (AIM Photonics)
3:00 PM EST
Tom MaderBridging the Challenge of Laser Integration via a Unified Design Kit and Fabrication Process
Tom Mader (OpenLight)
3:35 PM EST
Stefan PrebleExploring the Methods, Challenges, and Solutions for PIC Packaging
Stefan Preble (Rochester Institute of Technology)
4:10 PM EST
Torsten VahrenkampPhotonics Assembly & Test - A Roadmap to High-Volume Manufacturing
Torsten Vahrenkamp (ficonTEC)

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