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7:25 AM
Quantum Cascade Lasers (QCL-IR): Enabling Emerging Research in Materials and Life Sciences
Brock Koren (DRS Daylight Solutions)
8:00 AM
Bryan GermannPROMOTED
Technological Advancements in High-Dynamic Laser Processing to Improve Process Throughput and Part Quality
Bryan Germann (Aerotech, Inc.)
8:35 AM
Asger JensenThe New Developments That Quantum Computing Is Driving in Fiber Lasers and Frequency Conversion
Asger Jensen (NKT Photonics)
9:10 AM
Ole KockModular Laser Systems Are Key to Turning Quantum Physics into Industry-Ready Quantum Technologies
Ole Kock (TOPTICA Photonics)
9:45 AM
Roman KörnerSmall VCSELs Drive a Growing Field of Applications
Roman Körner (TRUMPF Photonic Components)
10:20 AM
Alex JuNext-Generation 3D Sensing Solutions for AR/VR/XR Applications
Alex Ju (Lumentum)
10:55 AM
Roland TeissierMaintaining Narrow Linewidths for Pulsed QCL Lasers in Gas Sensing Applications
Roland Teissier (mirSense)
11:30 AM
Tangi Le GuennicA Technique for Combining QCLs to Optimize Output for MIR Imaging Applications
Tangi Le Guennic (Cailabs)
12:05 PM
Eyal ShekelExtending Weld Depth with a 100-kW Single-Mode CW Dynamic Beam Laser
Eyal Shekel (Civan Lasers)
12:40 PM
Paul WebsterEnhancing E-Mobility Manufacturing ROI Using Real-Time Weld Quality Measurement
Paul Webster (IPG Photonics)
1:15 PM
Jaroslaw SperlingHow Femtosecond Fiber Lasers Are Propelling Industrial Innovation
Jaroslaw Sperling (Menlo Systems)
1:50 PM
Dariusz ŚwieradThe Influence of Ultrafast Laser Pulse Duration During Materials Processing
Dariusz Świerad (Fluence)
2:25 PM
Jason LeeInnovations in Ultrashort-Pulse and RF-Excited CO2 Lasers Expand Materials Processing Applications
Jason Lee (Luxinar)
3:00 PM
Jim BovatsekLithium-Ion Battery Processing Using Tailored Bursts of Infrared Ultrashort Pulses for Improved Quality and Cutting Speed
Jim Bovatsek (MKS Instruments)
3:35 PM
Judith ReillyYour Laser Safety Program and the New ANSI Standard
Judith Reilly (Kentek)
4:10 PM
Holger SchlüterPresent and Future Technologies for Laser Scan Systems
Holger Schlüter (SCANLAB)
8:00 AM
Andrew StrikwerdaPROMOTED
Simulating Metamaterials with COMSOL Multiphysics®
Andrew Strikwerda (COMSOL Inc.)
8:35 AM
Justin TurnerThe Miniaturization of Spectral Selection and Control Components
Justin Turner (Omega Optical Holdings)
9:10 AM
Dan FioreLight-Weighting Optical Systems for Optimal Size, Weight, and Performance
Dan Fiore (Rochester Precision Optics)
9:45 AM
David HarrisonThe Continuing Evolution of Multispectral Filter Arrays for Earth Observation
David Harrison (Materion Balzers Optics)
10:20 AM
Kate MedicusChallenges in Designing and Building Optical Systems for Space
Kate Medicus (Ruda Cardinal)
10:55 AM
Theodor NielsenDelivering Flat Optics Solutions From Design to Mass Production
Theodor Nielsen (NIL Technology)
11:30 AM
Dale BuralliAssessment of Image Quality for Visual Systems
Dale Buralli (Apollo Optical Systems)
12:05 PM
Doron YadlovkerShay JosephOvercoming the Environmental Durability Challenges of Optical Coatings
Shay Joseph (RAFAEL Advanced Defense Systems), Doron Yadlovker (RAFAEL Advanced Defense Systems)
12:40 PM
Christian SchindlerUsing Ion Beam Machining to Increase Productivity When Manufacturing High-End Optics
Christian Schindler (Bühler Group)
1:15 PM
Wilfried NoellAdvanced Optical Design of Multichannel and Coherent Optics
Wilfried Noell (SUSS MicroOptics)
1:50 PM
Astrid BingelNanostructured, Ultrabroadband Antireflective Coatings for Glass and Polymers
Astrid Bingel (Fraunhofer IOF)
2:25 PM
Matthew DabneyUV Fatigue and Laser-Induced Contamination of Optics
Matthew Dabney (Edmund Optics)
3:00 PM
Chris RussellThe Effects of Coolant on Fixed Diamond Lapping Pads When Processing Hard Optics
Chris Russell (Universal Photonics)
3:35 PM
Takehiro KumeUltrahigh-Precision Optical Surfaces: Fabrication Examples, Challenges, and Recent Approaches
Takehiro Kume (Natsume Optical)
8:35 AM
Jessica van HeckEnabling the Revolution in Freeform Micro-Optics Through Collaboration
Jessica van Heck (PHABULOuS)
9:10 AM
Ulrike FuchsExpanding Options for the Design and Manufacture of Aspheres and Freeform Optics
Ulrike Fuchs (asphericon)
9:45 AM
Michael GregoryDefining and Tolerancing Freeform Surfaces for Manufacturing
Michael Gregory (Optimax)
10:20 AM
David MohringInnovative Solutions for Overcoming the Challenges of Manufacturing Freeform Optics
David Mohring (OptiPro Systems)
Test & Measurement
10:55 AM
Ahmed RihaneBeginning Steps and Best Practices for Measuring Laser Beam Parameters
Ahmed Rihane (Gentec-EO)
11:30 AM
Sergio PellegrinoOptimizing Micromachining Processes via Pulse-to-Pulse Measurement of Ultrafast Lasers
Sergio Pellegrino (LaserPoint)
12:05 PM
Jared SittigDevelopments in Optical Coating Metrology Technology
Jared Sittig (Optimax)
12:40 PM
Dave AikensRethinking Scratch-and-Dig Specifications
Dave Aikens (Savvy Optics)
1:15 PM
Tom BaurMetrology for Polarization Optics
Tom Baur (Meadowlark Optics)
1:50 PM
Erik NovakThe Technology-Enabling Power of Dynamic Interferometry
Erik Novak (Onto Innovation)
2:25 PM
Robert SmytheMinimizing Interferometric Measurement Variations During Optical Manufacturing
Robert Smythe (Äpre Instruments)
3:00 PM
Rez ManiBenefits and Limitations of Hand-Held Digital Light Processing Spectrophotometers
Rez Mani (Allied Scientific Pro)
3:35 PM
Christian BussPatrik LangehanenbergHow to Boost Your Objective Lens Assembly with State-of-the-Art Alignment Technology
Christian Buss (TRIOPTICS), Patrik Langehanenberg (TRIOPTICS)
4:10 PM
Iñigo ArtundoHow PIC Testing Is Evolving to Meet Rapidly Advancing Applications
Iñigo Artundo (VLC Photonics)
4:45 PM
Mark SlutzkiLaser Measurement Accuracy: Why, When, and How
Mark Slutzki (MKS Ophir)
Photonic Integrated Circuits
6:55 AM
Brett HeintzPROMOTED
Precision Automation Principles for the Optimal Testing and Packaging of PIC Devices
Brett Heintz (Aerotech, Inc.)
7:30 AM
Scott JordanGood News: Photonics Is Mainstream. Now We Must Scale.
Scott Jordan (PI (Physik Instrumente))
8:05 AM
Peter van ArkelThe IPSR-I Roadmap: Charting Future Challenges and Opportunities for Scaling Integrated Photonics
Peter van Arkel (Berenschot / IPSR-I roadmap)
8:40 AM
Kevin McComberA Proven, Portable, and PIC-Based Methodology for Cultivating a Next-Generation Workforce
Kevin McComber (Spark Photonics)
9:15 AM
Corrado SciancaleporeHow Is Silicon-on-Insulator Technology Fueling Growth in Silicon Photonics?
Corrado Sciancalepore (Soitec)
9:50 AM
Douwe GeuzebroekExpand Your Scope: Silicon Nitride Photonic Integrated Circuits
Douwe Geuzebroek (LioniX International)
10:25 AM
Michael GeiselmannHow Thick-Film SiN Is Driving PICs for Datacom, Lidar, Quantum, and Sensing
Michael Geiselmann (LIGENTEC)
11:00 AM
Michael LebbyClaudia HoessbacherHanjo RheeMichael GeiselmannJose PozoPANEL DISCUSSION
Lessons Learned When Scaling PICs for Volume Production
Jose Pozo (Optica), Hanjo Rhee (Sicoya GmbH), Claudia Hoessbacher (Polariton Technologies), Michael Lebby (Lightwave Logic), Michael Geiselmann (LIGENTEC)
12:05 PM
Michael LebbyHow Electro-Optic Polymers Boost PIC Speed and Power Efficiency
Michael Lebby (Lightwave Logic)
12:40 PM
Tigers JonuziPhotonic Integrated Recurrent Neural Network Based on Frequency Multiplexing
Tigers Jonuzi (VLC Photonics)
1:15 PM
Nikolaus FlöryElectro-Optical Circuit Boards Bridge the PICs Gap
Nikolaus Flöry (Vario-Optics)
1:50 PM
Jorn SmeetsThe Importance of High-Quality PDKs and Collaboration in PIC Production
Jorn Smeets (PhotonDelta)
2:25 PM
Nicholas FahrenkopfPrototyping PICs for Applications Beyond Datacom
Nicholas Fahrenkopf (AIM Photonics)
3:00 PM
Tom MaderBridging the Challenge of Laser Integration via a Unified Design Kit and Fabrication Process
Tom Mader (OpenLight)
3:35 PM
Stefan PrebleExploring the Methods, Challenges, and Solutions for PIC Packaging
Stefan Preble (Rochester Institute of Technology)
4:10 PM
Torsten VahrenkampThe Growing PICs Sector’s Reliance on Automation and Wafer-Level Integration in Manufacturing
Torsten Vahrenkamp (ficonTEC)
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