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Chroma Technology Corp.
8:00 AM EST
Andrew StrikwerdaPROMOTED
Simulating Metamaterials with COMSOL Multiphysics®
Andrew Strikwerda (COMSOL Inc.)
8:35 AM EST
Justin TurnerThe Miniaturization of Spectral Selection and Control Components
Justin Turner (Omega Optical Holdings)
9:10 AM EST
Dan FioreLight-Weighting Optical Systems for Optimal Size, Weight, and Performance
Dan Fiore (Rochester Precision Optics)
9:45 AM EST
David HarrisonThe Continuing Evolution of Multispectral Filter Arrays for Earth Observation
David Harrison (Materion Balzers Optics)
10:20 AM EST
Kate MedicusChallenges in Designing and Building Optical Systems for Space
Kate Medicus (Ruda Cardinal)
10:55 AM EST
Theodor NielsenDelivering Flat Optics Solutions From Design to Mass Production
Theodor Nielsen (NIL Technology)
11:30 AM EST
Dale BuralliAssessment of Image Quality for Visual Systems
Dale Buralli (Apollo Optical Systems)
12:05 PM EST
Doron YadlovkerShay JosephOvercoming the Environmental Durability Challenges of Optical Coatings
Shay Joseph (RAFAEL Advanced Defense Systems), Doron Yadlovker (RAFAEL Advanced Defense Systems)
12:40 PM EST
Christian SchindlerUsing Ion Beam Machining to Increase Productivity When Manufacturing High-End Optics
Christian Schindler (Bühler Group)
1:15 PM EST
Wilfried NoellAdvanced Optical Design of Multichannel and Coherent Optics
Wilfried Noell (SUSS MicroOptics)
1:50 PM EST
Astrid BingelNanostructured, Ultrabroadband Antireflective Coatings for Glass and Polymers
Astrid Bingel (Fraunhofer IOF)
2:25 PM EST
Matthew DabneyUV Fatigue and Laser-Induced Contamination of Optics
Matthew Dabney (Edmund Optics)
3:00 PM EST
Chris RussellThe Effects of Coolant on Fixed Diamond Lapping Pads When Processing Hard Optics
Chris Russell (Universal Photonics)
3:35 PM EST
Takehiro KumeUltrahigh-Precision Optical Surfaces: Fabrication Examples, Challenges, and Recent Approaches
Takehiro Kume (Natsume Optical)

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