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Optimizing Micromachining Processes via Pulse-to-Pulse Measurement of Ultrafast Lasers

Presentation will begin: Wednesday, January 11, 2023 - 11:30 AM EST
Presented by: Sergio Pelligrino, LaserPoint

Sensors based on the laser induced transverse voltage (LITV) effect offer several advantages over pyroelectric sensors and photo diodes when measuring laser energy. They combine fast sub-nanosecond response times, the ability to measure pulse durations from the femtosecond to microsecond range, and do so with repetition frequencies beyond 1 MHz. LITV sensors also have a high saturation threshold to direct laser irradiation as well as broadband spectral sensitivity from the UV to mid-IR range.

In Pellegrino’s presentation, he will focus on using LITV sensors to quantify two key laser characteristics of fast- and ultrafast-pulsed lasers: turn-on transient effects and missing pulse detection. Pellegrino will further discuss the practical application of this methodology to ensure individual laser pulses fall within the thresholds for optimal output during laser micromachining processes.

About the presenter
Sergio Pelligrino

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  • LaserPoint srl - LaserPoint manufactures laser power and energy meters for laser measurements with high accuracy up to multi-kilowatts optical power level. We also provide unique in the market and patented high-tech solutions to measure ultrafast lasers down to femtosecond pulse duration and high repetition rates up to MHz range.


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