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How to Boost Your Objective Lens Assembly with State-of-the-Art Alignment Technology

Presentation will begin: Wednesday, January 11, 2023 - 3:35 PM EST
Presented by:
  • Christian Buss, TRIOPTICS
  • Patrik Langehanenberg, TRIOPTICS

The construction of high-quality lenses is considered the supreme discipline in classic optics production. In addition to the growing demand for lenses with increased imaging quality, manufacturing companies are focused on improving the efficiency of their production processes. To successfully address either of these challenges, manufacturers are seeking automated, user-independent measuring processes that allow simple handling across all process steps.

However, the definition of these process steps depends on company-specific goals — whether they be maximizing throughput, ensuring flexibility to handle various types of lenses, or easing the implementation of a new process. Regardless of what process steps individual optics manufacturers require, many processes can benefit from alignment turning or 5D alignment bonding of lenses into a mount.

Buss and Langehanenberg discuss the latest developments in such automated measuring processes and how they apply to various manufacturing steps.

About Christian Buss
Christian BussChristian Buss, Ph.D., received his doctorate from the University of Aachen for his contribution to the production technology of spline-interpolated freeform optics in 2014. Buss joined TRIOPTICS, now a member of the JENOPTIK group, in 2013. Today he serves as R&D manager for alignment turning processes and machines, to solve the optics fabrication problems of tomorrow.

About Patrik Langehanenberg
Patrik LangehanenbergPatrik Langehanenberg, Ph.D., obtained a doctorate from the University of Münster in Germany in 2009 for his work in the field of low-coherence digital holographic microscopy. Since then, he has been with TRIOPTICS GmbH, where he leads the division for metrology and process technology for optics manufacturing.

About the sponsor(s)
  • TRIOPTICS GmbH - Our measurement and manufacturing systems speed up and improve the development, production, and quality control of lenses, optical lens systems, and camera modules around the world. With our broad knowledge base, comprehensive product range, and international focus, we create lasting customer value and benefits.


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