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Smart Vision Lights
Cameras & Sensors
7:30 AM EDT
Maximilian KlammerPROMOTED
Vision Platform Approach – Rethinking Line Scan Systems
Maximilian Klammer (Chromasens GmbH)
Inspection & AI
8:05 AM EDT
Benny MunitzAI’s Role in Solving Low Light and HDR Challenges
Benny Munitz (Visionary.ai)
8:40 AM EDT
Martin BurianHeat Maps and Optical Character Verification Take AI-Based Inspection to the Next Level
Martin Burian (PEKAT VISION)
9:15 AM EDT
Eliyahu DavisFrom Fabric Classification to Assessing Plastics Injection Molding: How Deep Learning is Transforming the Inspection Game
Eliyahu Davis (Deepview AI)
9:50 AM EDT
Erin BarrettScaling Machine Vision and Delivering Value Beyond Detection: Smart Vision
Erin Barrett (Eigen Innovations)
10:25 AM EDT
Julie OrlandoSupervised Learning Methods for Inspecting Semiconductors, Wafers, and Materials
Julie Orlando (Nanotronics)
11:00 AM EDT
Yossi SheffiKEYNOTE
Technology and the Future of Work
Yossi Sheffi (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Vision-Guided Robotics
12:30 PM EDT
Jared GloverEmerging Applications for 3D Vision-Driven Autonomous Mobile Robots
Jared Glover (CapSen Robotics)
1:05 PM EDT
David BruceAI Unlocks Comprehension Possibilities of Vision Guided Robotics
David Bruce (FANUC North America)
1:40 PM EDT
Jim AndersonDeep Learning Transforms Defect Detection, Quality Control and Robotics Automation
Jim Anderson (SICK)
2:15 PM EDT
Tom BrennanVision and Imaging for Warehouse and Logistics
Tom Brennan (Artemis Vision)
2:50 PM EDT
Reuven WeintraubHow FPGAs are Enabling Fast Raster Processing and Low Power Consumption
Reuven Weintraub (Gidel)
3:25 PM EDT
Ray HoareFPGAs in Machine Vision Applications: Emerging Capabilities for These Computation Powerhouses
Ray Hoare (Concurrent EDA)

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